Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why you should not get on a moving treadmill!!

When I was at the gym I decided to go into the theater room and watch a movie. The room is pitch black with a bunch of elipticals, bikes and treadmills. I got on a treadmill and was immediately thrown down onto it because some idiot had left it running. As you can see I suffered a few bruises and rug type burns. It hurt like heck!! I was also humilated in front of the other people. Thank goodness it was dark in there!


Sarah said...

Ouch!! That looks even worse than you described to me. I am glad you didn't lose any teeth! You should definitely talk to someone at the gym about it. You think they would check on those things!

Janine said...

That looks horribly painful! Glad nothing was broken. Also, I will heed your warning and just avoid treadmills altogether.

Janine said...

By the way . . . I am glad you joined the rank and file and created a blog too. Another favorite family to read about!