Sunday, November 16, 2008


We flew into Omaha on Thursday and when we arrived at Kurtis and Sarah's house we sat down to a delicious home cooked meal.  We were then introduced to guitar hero and  Mark and I looked like we were mentally challenged compared to Sarah and Kurtis.  We may just have to add that to our Christmas list and practice up before we play with them again.  We did a little shopping on Friday and had Sushi for dinner.  On Saturday we went and saw Eagle Eye and we all liked it.  Sarah and I decided to tackle her curtain project on her new sewing machine.  We got as far as we could with the materials we had but then I brought them back to Utah with me so I can finish them after I find more of the ribbon that she needs. We flew out early on Sunday morning because it looked like that was the only way we were going to make it home on our buddy passes.  Thanks to Mitch we had a great weekend!


Sarah said...

We had a lot of fun this weekend. Thanks again for coming to visit us! We love you!

Nancy said...

Sure is fun keeping up with you gals on your blogs!

~.~ Nancy

Jessie said...

Matt loves to play guitar hero too. We might have to bring it to Utah with us over New Years so you guys can come over and play!