Sunday, January 25, 2009


Jed and Ashlee are in Hawaii so we have the privelege of watching Honey. She is the cutest little thing and loves to play.

She is pouting in this picture because she wants me to go outside and throw snowballs so she can find them in the snow. She knows this method works.

She decided she doesn't like me reading the paper so she just sits on it. She doesn't realize how much I love my paper and coffee in the morning.


She is waiting anxiously for another one.


Diane said...

I love the picture of Honey pouting...she is really a cute dog. I think you and Mark need a little dog.

Janine said...

She is quite cute and I bet you are great babysitters!

Promise to Be There said...

She fits her name, toooo cute

Sarah said...

Seriously...I think Honey is more spoiled than the granchildren ever will be. A snowball thrower?!? Good thing she is so cute!

Sarah said...
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