Sunday, August 24, 2008

Having a Blast

I have just discovered KSL classified ads. Last week I decided to see if my furniture would sell because I would love new stuff. I went around the house taking pictures of everything that I wanted to get rid of. I have already sold my dining table and buffet and hutch and my entertaintment center. I still have my piano, dinette set, and a sofa and 2 wing back chairs. Now I have to start looking for new things. Fun!!


Sarah said...

That's awesome ~ you never told me you sold your entertainment center too! I wish we had that website around here. I could find all sorts of stuff to sell if it meant I got more new furniture! We probably won't even recognize the house when we are there next week!

Janel said...

Comment for a previous blog...We went to the cabin this past weekend and I made your buttermilk syrup recipe! It was awesome...and the kids really liked it. It will be one on put in my "definatley make again" file! Thanks! Janel